Future of the Conservancy

Currently the rangers go to patrol from 6am in the morning to evening in order to rapidly correspond to any crime such as poaching, illegal trespassing, and illegal grazing.
When an injured wild animal is found, it is reported to Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), and is attend to by a veterinarian. Patrol also helps to prevent disease from spreading as the symptoms can be found at an early stage.

We communicate with radio calls during patrol

Patrol car

Conservation of endangered species

Rangers also watch so that tourists don’t get too close to wild animals and disturb their hunting, or get in the way of the migration route of grass eating animals. Sometimes rangers will stop the patrol car between animals to help endangered species such as cheetahs from being hunted.
In a step-by-step fashion, we help to conserve endangered wild animals.

Lions’ fur seized from poachers

Inside the office

Future of the Conservancy

Currently Lemek Conservancy creation map is urgent and is underway. As it is a vast area of land. It is taking time, however is in progress. Fine and patient effort is needed and its done with the supports of Japan wildlife Center (JWC) using a GPS system. Creation of a new brochure of Lemek Conservancy is being planned as well as the map for it to be something to hand to the tourists and will include wild animals and plants and reptiles which can be seen within the conservancy and also insects which may be overlooked within the Lemek Conservancy. There are within the Lemek conservancy 2 lodges . And several tented camps. Here tourist may find accommodation at the lodge or camps and enjoy the safari while on their trip …