The Lemek Conservancy was established on 1st January 2009 with the purpose of;

  1. Sustainable use and promotion of natural and cultural resources in the area.
  2. Making sure that the effect on natural environment through tourism is kept at minimum.
  3. Equally divide benefits which comes from tourism.
  4. Member of the Lemek Conservancy has made effective this trust with the understanding of responsibility in order to preserve the future of the natural resource and natural environment which is looked upon as a part of natural environment,which is looked upon as a part of natural heritage.

Entrance of Lemek Conservancy Office

Warden Mr. Koke (back row 3rd from right) and rangers

Rangers on training


The Lemek Conservancy which is located within the Maasai Mara National reserve in Kenya consists of Lemek Ranch alltogether having a total of 45,000ha.There are 500 members in Lemek and it is managed totally by local people under the supervision of Chairman Philip TINKA and other chosen board members.Some of the members privately own a ranch within the area. This area is a natural recerve area and is called protected area & wildlife.